Storytelling and Latin America. Two of my passions which I’ve been combining in Brazil since 2012. I’m an independent multimedia correspondent, living and working in the urban jungle of metropolis São Paulo. I started my career in foreign desk reporting as an editor for the Dutch public news broadcaster NOS. My storytelling skills I developed as an international reporter for VPRO Radio 1 where I reported from countries like Mexico, Finland, Spain, Greece and Russia. Currently, I’m a Brazil correspondent for Trouw, VPRO Radio, KRO-NCRV, VRT and BNR among others.

Curiosity is my middle name. I get a kick out of meeting deadlines and discovering the unknown. Radio is my first love but I also enjoy writing and television reporting. Most of my work is in Dutch, some in English (DW and BBC Outlook). I’m an experienced fixer for television and available for your international productions- on short notice if necessary. Eu falo português y también hablo español. And I love cats, capoeira and temaki.

Bem-vindo/a no meu site!

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